July 2023

Operational Interruption in Bizerte Canal

In order to bring Bizerte to the attention of our owners and operators who sail to Tunisian ports or whose ships are on the Bizerte channel, we would like to share the news and current situation we have received from TIPIC, the local correspondent of the club, about the Bizerte channel.

According to information from local correspondent TIPIC, a fire broke out in the main engine room of the mobile bridge on the river as a result of the incident that occurred on the Bizerte Canal on July 26, 2023. Although the cause of the fire is still unknown, the operation of the mobile bridge is expected to be suspended for weeks, until the necessary repairs are completed.

Since the fire mobile bridge acts as an important gateway between offshore and inland ports (including commercial berths, silo/grain berths, steel/concrete berths and shipyards), the cessation of operation may result in serious delays/delays in the traffic of ships entering or leaving inland ports. appears to be the cause. For this reason, we strongly recommend that our shipowners planning voyages to Bizerte ports take this situation into consideration.

Dear all,

Please take same u/m info into consideration to inform your good association and members, which have vessels planned to call Bizerta ports:

We regret to inform you that an unfortunate incident occurred on 26th July 2023 at the Bizerte channel, resulting in a fire outbreak in the main principal engine room of the mobile bridge installed along the river. The cause of the fire is still unknown currently. Consequently, the mobile bridge's operation will be suspended for an estimated period of several weeks, or until necessary repairs are completed.

The mobile bridge serves as a crucial gateway between the open sea and the inner ports, including the commercial pier, silo/cereal pier, steel pier, cement pier, and shipyard. With its operation temporarily halted, there will inevitably be disruptions to ship movements entering and leaving the inner ports.

We understand that this situation may adversely affect your vessels' traffic and operations in the region. Rest assured, our team is closely monitoring the situation on-site, working in tandem with the local authorities and relevant parties to expedite the repair process. We will keep you promptly informed of any updates regarding the progress of the repairs and the expected resumption of mobile bridge operations.

During this challenging period, we remain open to answering any questions or providing further clarity on the situation as needed. Our primary goal is to minimise any potential impact on your vessels' activities and ensure a swift resolution to this incident.

We deeply appreciate your understanding and cooperation in these unforeseen circumstances. If you have any concerns or require immediate assistance, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Thank you for your continued support.

Best Regards

Makram MEJRI


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