Any and all kinds of written, verbal, printed or visual information, either personal or not, that is somehow obtained due to your visit on this web site which operated by Lockton Omni Sigorta ve Reasürans Brokerlik Hizmetleri Limited Şirketi (hereinafter referred to as Lockton Omni) part of the Lockton Group of Companies.

Confidential information may be obtain through this web site as follows;

1. The information you provide upon your own will,

2. Other information somehow obtained during your visit on the web site. It is not possible to obtain information in any other manner whatsoever. The publicly disclosed information or information received from third parties shall not be considered as confidential information.

As Lockton Omni, we are aware that we are responsible for taking all the necessary measures to ensure that the Confidential and Personal Information are maintained and kept confidential and are not disclosed to third persons.

In addition, we will take all the necessary measures to ensure that our data personnel and all other employees comply with the confidentiality obligation and lay down written procedures for this purpose. Our confidentiality principles include us, our company and our website.

Our principles include all measures to be taken for protection of your personal information in line with your requests and the laws. All of our employees and data personnel who have access to the personal information will be obliged to implement our “personal information security” procedures.

You can reach our web site without using your personal information therefore preventing your personal information to be obtained and stored by us. However, when you visit our website, some of your information (such as user IP address) is recorded. We assure you that we will treat such information with strict confidentiality. We may store and use your personal information to be able to provide you with the services you request. In this case, we will not be breaching our confidentiality principles.

During your visit on our website, we may copy some information from your computer. These files will be in “cookie” format. However, such information will only be used for the purposes of “structuring our web site in line with your preferences and needs”. The “cookie” file may be used to store the IP address of your computer and involve personal data. The “cookie” file will store your personal information for this purpose only. Your internet browser will enable you to activate the deleting, blocking and warning receipt functions before storage of the “cookie” file.

From time to time, your Personal Information may be transferred overseas for the purposes of provision of services. When you visit the services, we may reach the conclusion that you agree with such information transfer. However, in any case, we track your personal information in compliance with the local laws and regulations. In the event that any error occurs in your personal information or any update becomes necessary, we recommend you to notify us of this situation.

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